Throughout the year the Kyle Busch Foundation (KBF) works to secure funds to help assist children displaced from their homes for various reasons. The Foundation focuses on several homes across the country that helps foster these children and provide them a safe and secure home.

The KBF helps to assist its homes in a variety of different ways from providing clothing, school needs, books, and even some fun days at the races. The largest financial commitment comes during the Christmas holidays. With the realization that hundreds of children will wake up Christmas morning to nothing under the tree, the KBF wanted to make sure they did everything possible to change that.

With the help of many great NASCAR Fans, our corporate sponsors, and key individuals, the KBF was able to deliver a gift to each one of the children in the homes they support.

It was a group effort as members of the KBF hit the stores with pages of names and gift request from all the children. “We filled up cart after cart at all of our stops.” said Samantha Busch, wife of Kyle Busch and President of the Kyle Busch Foundation. “We want to make sure that each of our children has a present to unwrap on Christmas morning.”

After days of shopping and wrapping, over 400 lbs. of boxes shipped out to homes in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina. All of the gifts were individually wrapped, with each child’s name, and a simple hand-drawn heart next to KBF on the tag.

None of this could have been possible without all the hard work and dedication from so many people. The KBF would like to thank Becky Hopkins, Vice-President of the KBF for all she does during the year to work with the homes in helping secure their needs. We would also like to extend a heart-felt “Thank You” to Lexie Ziolkowski who created Lexie’s Challenge, a program that challenges race fans to donate a gift card to the KBF each time Kyle wins in any of the NASCAR Series.

The Kyle Busch Foundation looks forward to another great year in 2012 and is already hard at work on fundraising efforts so that we can make next year even bigger and better!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

About the Kyle Busch Foundation:

In August of 2006, Kyle Busch was invited to visit a children’s home near Grand Rapids Michigan. St. John’s home provides housing and structure to children ages 6-18 that have been taken out of their previous living situation for various reasons.

Kyle accepted the opportunity to meet and spend some time with the children living at St. John’s, a decision that would forever change him. His experience provided him with valuable insight into how these extraordinary kids are working to overcome the challenges in their everyday lives. He realized the things most people take for granted are the very things that these children need; a safe home where they encouraged to learn and taught the skills to achieve their dreams.

Shortly after his visit, Kyle made the decision to start the Kyle Busch Foundation to provide assistance to organizations like St. John’s and the children who live there.

There are children’s homes throughout the country just like St. John’s, most of which are in need of assistance. With your help, the Kyle Busch Foundation can help make a difference in the lives of these children