Hey guys!

To keep us going throughout the off season I thought a Style Tip of the Week would be fun! Today’s tip deals with faux furs. Faux fur vest, jackets and capes are very hot this season! They are warm, chic and perfect for the holidays. My Style Tip of the Week though is please, please, please belt them if they are puffy. I see women walking around as if they are being consumed by a large furry animal! It is too much and makes women look much heavier then they are. Ladies, we always want to look hot and shapely and the way to do this is by belting the vest or coat to define our waist line. If the vest has a lot going on choose a simple belt to compliment it like the one in the picture. However, if it is a simple black vest you can go something funky like a leopard bet. I also love doing a brown belt with a black vest. It is very trendy and two neutral colors that look great together. Also, if your vest is longer (covering your butt) wear it with leggings or jeggings so it will lay flat in the back. Finally, keep the rest of the outfit simple if your vest is loud. A simple solid shirt underneath really makes the whole focus of the outfit your faux fur vest. Give this look a try, you will love it!

In the picture my faux vest is from TJ Maxx and it was $40. Love being a Maxxinista!!