Who doesn’t love to grill out during the summer? I know my family sure does! Being from the midwest, corn was a huge part of my childhood. Mix that with my favorite type of food (Mexican) and you get Mexican Street Corn! Since we are already on the grill, I thought we could grill some sweet + spicy watermelon too! They pair perfectly together and make the most delicious side dish for any summer BBQ.  

I love love love Mexican street corn but mayo is not my thing! So for this recipe I substituted the mayo for Greek yogurt which is also healthier! I’ll be honest this recipe isn’t the healthiest because there’s a ton of cheese, but gosh it’s so good and hey, the watermelon for dessert is healthy so there’s some balance. I won’t even lie to you I first put the mixture on and then wrapped everything in foil and it doesn’t work at all! The mixture falls off and the cheese gets really funky so just add the seasoning and lime to the corn before putting it on the grill and then once the corn is cooked and still warm put the mixture on it. The heat will melt the cheese to perfection and it’s so yummy!  

Mexican Street Corn 


What you’ll need 

Corn on the Cob 

Plain Greek Yogurt 


Queso Fresco Cheese 

1 Lime 

Sea Salt 

Serrano Peppers 


First, fire up the grill to 450 degrees. Then, place corn on large piece of foil (pro tip: for each ear of corn, add one ice cube- this helps keep the corn soft and moist while grilling) season with a little bit of lime juice, sea salt and cilantro and wrap up tight. Once the corn is wrapped up place it on the grill. While the corn is grilling, in a bowl, mix Greek yogurt, queso fresco cheese, lime juice, sea salt and hot pepper seasoning. After about 15 minutes remove the corn from the grill and unwrap the foil. Then, roll your warm corn into the mixture. Add some extra cilantro or salt on top for taste and your Mexican street corn is finished and oh, so delicious! 



Sweet + Spicy Grilled Watermelon 

What you’ll need 

Whole watermelon 

Lime Juice 

Sea Salt 


Serrano Peppers



First, slice your watermelon into thick triangles. This is very important when grilling watermelon! Once your watermelon is cut, squeeze lime juice on all slices. Then, add a drizzle of agave (you don’t need much as watermelon is naturally very sweet). Next, add salt of your choice and a light dusting of hot pepper seasoning for some added heat. Lastly, add some cilantro and you’re ready to grill! When grilling watermelon- don’t leave it on the grill very long. Instead, just turn the heat up really high and sear the watermelon. When the watermelon is finished on the grill, add a little more lime juice and salt and enjoy!!