At this point, many of us are getting used to working out at home, but that doesn’t make it any more fun when you’re doing the SAME routine every day! Switch it up with this FUN (yes, I said FUN!) and rewarding resistance band glute + leg workout!

Sure, I’m getting a TON of cardio in spending hours outside with Brexton trying to tire him out (this kid can go forever, I swear!! Good thing we have lots of Rowdy Energy!), but all that cardio won’t do me good without alternating some strength training to make sure I’m staying toned.

I love to mix up my lower body strength training exercise moves to keep things exciting and make them as impactful for my body as possible and for this, I almost ALWAYS grab for my resistance band. I’m a huge fan of the Suzie B Fitness resistance bands! Not only are they adorable but they are incredibly high quality compared to other options I’ve tried and DO NOT slip and trust me, if you’re new to using a resistance band, this is SO important. Nothing is more annoying that a slipping band. Also unlike the plastic ones, I never have to worry about it snapping. She offers different resistance options–light to medium and heavy—so you’re able to choose accordingly, and push yourself!

Ready to get a lifted, toned booty? Let’s GOOOO!


Start by putting your resistance band above the knees (or at ankles to hit the other thigh). You’ll essentially want to get down into your typical squat position, then take steps to the side. I normally like to do four one way then four the opposite way. Keep going until you feel the burn! I normally like to do this for about 30 seconds.


Adding a resistance band to your typical reverse lunge is sure to give you a serious leg workout, but when you also toss in an upward knee drive, your legs will be shaking! Not only are we working the glutes and legs with this move, but your abs will also get a taste. For this exercise, start with your band above the knee. With one leg, lunge backward and then come back up immediately driving your knee upwards. I’d suggest doing 15 on each side.


Your band will start off right above the knees. You’ll start by squatting down in your typical squat position and when you come back up, drive your leg out to the side. You have a choice here of alternating from side to side when it comes to the leg raise or staying on one side. If you alternate, I’d suggest doing 15 on each side or do all 30 reps staying on the same leg to really feel the burn.


Switch out your medium band for the heaviest one you’ve gone, and pop it on right above the knee. Stand with your legs shoulder length apart in a squat position, and hinge forward at the hips. Then, pulse your knees outwards. For this exercise, I like to do three sets of 50 to get those glutes BURNING!


Now we’re heading down to the mat! Grab your heaviest band, and lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Your resistance band will go right above your knees. Now start off with your palms down on the sides of your hips, and slowly raise your pelvis upwards while squeezing your glutes hard at the top. You can come right back down to the mat and repeat this motion or pause at the top and open the legs outwards at the top. I love to do 25 reps of this particular move.


Keeping the resistance band right above the knees, you’re going to turn to one side lying on your hip. Starting with your legs together, you’ll raise the top knee upwards squeezing the glutes. This one is a BURNER, you guys! Make sure you’re using your heaviest band for maximum impact. Get serious results doing 25 reps on each side of the side-lying clams.


Kickback pulses are an awesome way to lift the area between your butt and upper legs. Using your heaviest band right above the knee, flex your foot and pulse backward making small, constant motions. Your glutes will have to WORK HARD to pulse the foot backward given the heavy resistance. I always opt for about 30 pulses in each cycle.

Repeat this cycle three to four times for best results. Leave a comment below and let me know what at-home workouts you want to see from me next!