A lot of you that follow me on twitter know my love for the new type of nail polish that does not chip! I wanted to explain a bit about the different brands and the process so that you will all have a full understanding of how great it is!

First, from what I have seen there are three different types of this no chip nail polish that is guaranteed to last at least two weeks! One is called Shellac by CND, another is Gel and another is by OPI. There are not as many colors as there are in normal nail polishes but there is a pretty good selection and more and more options every time I go.

The process is much different from regular polish. It first starts with a base coat and then you stick your nails under a UV light where the polish hardens for about two minutes. Next, comes the same thing just with the actual color. Usually, it is two coats of color, with the two minute UV light in between followed by the top coat and then they let your nail color harden under the UV light for about 5 minutes. The process is a bit more time consuming but well worth the extra few minutes!

For my nails they typically last two weeks before they grow out too long that they look funky. On my toes though the polish lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on how quick your nails grow. It is amazing, the polish is dry and chip free when you take it out from under the UV light for the last time. There is no waiting for it to dry or getting to your car, opening your door only to realize your nails weren’t really dry enough and now they are smudged. The price is a little bit higher then the price of a normal manicure but if you think of how long the color lasts I think it is actually cheaper in the long run.

To get the color off I suggest going back to the nail salon. They soak cotton pads in acetone and then stick them on your nails, wrap foil around it and let you sit for 15 to 20 minutes. It is not easy stuff to take off so if you are the type who likes a new nail color every few days do not get this done. If you are like me though and don’t want to have to worry about getting a pedi all the time, try it and you will love it!