Do you put your make-up on in the morning and by lunch time, it has seemed to vanish? It could be because you are skipping a very important step in your beauty routine: PRIMER! No, this isn’t just a product that the ladies at the make-up counter try to push on you, it’s a legit necessity. Why you may ask? Well, first it creates a flawless canvas for you to apply your make-up. Just like you put a coat of primer on a wall before you paint, make-up primer creates a clean and smooth canvas. It can help to do a variety of things, depending on the formula, such as controlling oil, hiding fine lines and preventing break-outs.

Aside from face primer, eye shadow primer is great too. First, it covers any darkness or redness on the eyelid and it helps your shadow and liner stay looking fresh all day. No more vanishing shadow or smearing of your black eyeliner.

Finally, I just started using mascara primer in the past few months. I was noticing my eyelashes were falling out more so I decided to try a primer that would condition my lashes. Not only have I noticed that my lashes don’t fall out nearly as much, it makes me look like I have fake eyelashes on!

Below are the products I use and I have also included a few budget friendly options that work great too. I will say though, it’s worth the splurge for the Smashbox Oil Control Primer, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and the Tarte Eyelash Primer. My cheapy fave is the ELF Lip Primer, which I use when I don’t want my red lipstick to budge! Trust me, if my makeup can withstand a “bath” in Victory Lane after melting on the pit box for hours, it will hold up under normal circumstances!



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