Who doesn’t love apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream on top? I sure do but I also know how many empty calories it contains so I amplifysmoothiesvanilla2lbs__28769.1322750752.150.150created a healthy version in the form of a really tasty protein shake! You can make this for after a hard workout or as a meal replacement if you are dieting.

First, cut two golden delicious apples into chunks, place in a Ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer over night. Once they are frozen, you will use them as the “ice” for your shake. In my Magic Bullet, I toss the apple chunks, a scoop of NDS Vanilla Cream Amplify Smoothie powder, some unsweetened almond milk and two dashes of cinnamon. Blend it all up and voilá! You now have a delicious AND healthy version of apple pie a la mode!