1)   Eat breakfast within thirty minutes of waking up.  I am not sure if this is an old wives tale but I have done it for years so I am sticking to it!  The reasoning behind it is your metabolism is slow when you first get up so eating something will rev it up and get you started for the day. A few healthy options: a whole grain cereal (see my cereal blog) with skim milk, almond milk or soy milk light topped with fruit and if you would like flax seed (don’t worry you cant even taste it!)

2)   Drink lots of water! Water is the best thing for your body; it flushes toxins out and also helps to fill you up.  Set down the pop can and grab a glass! A little to bland for you? Try filling up a picture and adding lemon and lime slices to it.  Another option is to add blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  A very refreshing blend for the summer is mint and cucumber slices. Also, speaking of water grab a coconut water for after a workout, its very refreshing and loaded with potassium!

3)   Get moving! So you may not think it is much but it adds up.  Take the dog for a walk at a fast pace, take the stairs at work, run around with the kids, just move.  This should not be supplemented for a workout but done in addition to one.  Make it fun, grab your husband and instead of sitting on the couch all night watching television get a walk in first.  Call up a girlfriend and meet for a walk instead of drinks to chat.

4)   Ladies do NOT be afraid of weights they are your friends! Many women think that if they use weights they are going to bulk up. Unless you are bench pressing fifties this really is not the case. Adding weights to your routine revs up your metabolism, tones you up and helps your body to continue burning calories longer then a cardio workout. If you have a gym membership don’t be afraid of the “guys side”.  You pay the same amount for a membership as they do so take full advantage of the whole gym!

5)   Try combos.  When you workout try combining your upper and lower body for a few exercises for maximum calorie burning.  A few quick and easy combos (which in a few weeks will be live for you to watch as I demonstrate but for now you can Google them to see proper form): squat with an overhead press, alternating lunge with a bicep curl and a bridge with a chest press.

6)   Pick workouts that you like! Working out should be fun not something you dread.  Try a variety of new things and stick with the one you enjoy! For example, I really do not like running so I don’t do it.  Instead for intense cardio I do Zumba.  A few things to give a try: yoga, Pilates, Bar Method, Zumba, a dance class, a step class, or a kickboxing class.  The possibilities are endless but if you choose one you actually enjoy you will stick with it!