Ok, when you saw the title of this blog you probably thought, ‘oh poor new mommy with little sleep, she’s losing her mind’! But, nope, I’m completely with it and totally serious: shaving your face is so good for your skin! I have gotten Dermaplaning done for a number of years. It is done in a med spa setting and involves an esthetician using a medical grade razor to very lightly shave off dead skin and the fine peach fuzz we all have. This treatment is especially great for women who are pregnant and nursing because it provides a deep exfoliation without using any chemicals. There is no down time at all and girls, let me tell you, your makeup will glide on smoother than ever before! So, your skin is rejuvenated, your makeup applies better, your skin care products penetrate deeper into the dermis and there is no recovery time? How could you not give it a try?

Now, this next part is not going to be for everyone but I am a well-known product junkie who loves to try at-home treatments! My esthetician recommended I do this at home on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (each person’s skin is different), if and when I couldn’t get in to see her.  On Amazon, you can find these razors called Tinkle Eyebrow Razors that you can get for super cheap! So, I begin by washing off all my makeup and wiping my entire face (avoiding my eye area and lips) with alcohol like they do at the real spa. Make sure your face is completely dry. Then I simply take the razor, hold it at a 45 degree angle and very lightly apply downward strokes focusing on areas that need exfoliation and have peach fuzz. You will be amazed at the amount of dead skin and peach fuzz that comes off your face, especially if you haven’t done any other exfoliating treatments in a while!

My biggest piece of advice here is, don’t freak out! When I tell people about this, they hear the words “razor” and “face” and instantly shut down. Seriously, it’s not scary or hard (if guys can do it, we REALLY can do it too)! The first thing people ask me about this procedure is, will my hair grow back thicker or darker? This is an old wives’ tale, I’ve been getting this procedure done at a med spa for years and my peach fuzz has never grown back thicker, darker or faster than before I started doing it. I now just opt to do it at home because it is so fast, inexpensive and easy! Again, it’s perfect for those who want to avoid chemicals and the glow your skin has afterwards is incredible! So ladies, join the boys’ club and shave your face!
**Note: Do not try this with any razor other than the razor I have recommended (the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor), which was recommended to me by a licensed esthetician.

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