I’ve seen pregnancy body pillows in movies and magazines and had to chuckle, if only at the sheer size of them!  Literally, it looked like there was another person in bed with the couple! Also, I didn’t understand the need for one. Couldn’t you just put a pillow between your knees to help with your hips and be good? Was this monstrosity of a pillow really a pregnancy necessity or just another thing in a long list of “needs” we pregnant women are told we must have while we are making this little human inside of us?


I am here to tell you that the pregnancy body pillow, specifically the Snoogle (the only one I have tried), is a REAL necessity. Around 19 weeks, I really started having trouble sleeping. My back and hips were killing me and I tossed and turned all night long.  I found it strange because my belly wasn’t even that big (and, at 25 weeks, I’m still not at the most uncomfortable part of my pregnancy) but I still couldn’t sleep and we all know that, after a while, that can become a huge problem across the board!


After a week of restless nights, I went to Destination Maternity and purchased the pregnancy body pillow they carry, the Snoogle.  There was only one left, as the sales lady said they fly off the shelves! (The Snoogle is not only a lifesaver for pregnant women but it’s very helpful for back and hip pain sufferers or for those who recently had surgery.) It was enormous and came with all sorts of sleeping positions on the packaging that I could try to hopefully get a restful good night’s sleep.


Well, the first night I brought this thing to bed, Kyle was none too pleased because now I basically slept in the middle of the bed so that my new buddy, the Snoogle, could have the end.  I placed one corner under my head, let the main part of the pillow support my back and then tucked the bottom part between my knees and a bit under my belly. Immediately I thought, “Wow this is really comfortable!” I fell asleep much quicker then usual and only woke up twice during the night…but that was due to the baby kicking me, not because any body part was hurting. It was great! I finally got a restful sleep!  I now can only sleep with this wonderful contraption and Kyle has grown to love it too.  Since the main curve faces towards him, he uses it for his knees too and he loves that I don’t wake him up all night, tossing and turning.  He even suggested that I bring it on our Babymoon to Anguilla but, considering it would take up a suitcase itself, I decided to leave it at home.  Terrible idea! I went back to being uncomfortable and waking up every morning with a sore neck, back and hips.  So from now on, the Snoogle is coming everywhere with me!