Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner ladies and we all know how hard guys can be to shop for! That is why this blog doesn’t really have to do with shopping because, let’s be honest, guys really don’t get a kick out of clothes or perfume like we do. Instead, this blog is a fun, sexy and budget friendly idea that is sure to make the evening one he won’t soon forget!

All the restaurants will be packed Valentine’s Day evening with cute couples holding hands and stealing kisses across the table.  You, however, can turn the heat up in your own kitchen and make your man a meal he isn’t going to forget for a long time! First, make it formal by printing out a cute invite asking him to dinner, with a time, place and dress code.  Make sure to give it to him a few days before so that he can be out of the house for however many number of hours you will need to get ready and prepare the room and meal.  There are lots of free sites you can visit in order to make the invite.  Here is the link to the free invite I used when doing this for Kyle. 

Next, of course, make his favorite meal for the evening.  Go all out though by starting with appetizers, moving to the main course and then having a special dessert. If you need some ideas, on my Thanksgiving blog, I posted a handy wine and cheese pairing that always makes a nice starter.  Get as creative as your chef skills allow or follow a theme, like doing a play on his favorites from childhood. For example, you could make a lobster mac-n-cheese instead of a traditional one or, for a fun twist on PB and J, you could create a decadent peanut butter and fresh fruit tiramisu.

Make sure you don’t skimp on the details for this special evening! Get the ingredients to serve his favorite drink when he arrives. The dinner table should be nicely and properly set, using your good china.  Get as many candles as possible and have them laid out all across the table and room along with some rose petals or cut-out hearts strewn about.  Have some romantic music in the background (maybe even a special mix of your favorite songs) and leave the lights off because, let’s be honest, everything is sexier by candlelight!

Finally, and this is key, while he should show up in a nice outfit, you will be in lingerie! No, no I don’t want to hear any excuses, this is Valentine’s Day! Go all out, do your hair and makeup over the top, wear jewelry and heels…don’t hold back! It doesn’t matter if you feel silly or awkward or shy, you will knock his socks off!  He’ll love it! Here are a few cute outfits for the occasion based on how daring you’re willing to go:

Temptress  |  Sweet and Sexy  |  Plus-Size Perfection  |  XXX

And P.S.: You’ll thank me on the 15th! 🙂