I love a bright bold lip color but hate that it fades away so fast! I’ve tried a number of brands so I usually just end up buying drug store cheapies because the expensive ones don’t last either. You know I love to shop small and Instagram is my go-to for so many great products! I came across Beauty Bar Baby and was instantly intrigued by her bright and unique colors. When I started reading more, I found out she actually makes these lip colors herself at home! I fell in love with the gorgeous Orchid Angel Matte Attack Liquid Lipstick that promised to be smudge-proof. I purchased it and then followed the directions on her site, which go like this:

First, exfoliate your lips. I like the ELF Lip Exfoliator. It’s a really good one.and it’s cheap! Shop Here

Next, shake well and apply to dry lips. I did one coat and then let it dry. Do NOT press your lips together just let it dry for about 30 seconds. Then I applied another coat to make the color deeper, much like you would do with nail polish.

The color is absolutely incredible and really doesn’t budge! It’s a tad dry which is to be expected but I pop her Meltdown Lip Cream on top of it and I’m good to go.

Put it this way, I applied this in the afternoon for the Phoenix race and, after all the delay plus eating and laying around waiting, I didn’t need to reapply before going out once the race finally started!

Oh! And a little faux lip filler tip to give you that Kardashian pout without the needles. I took a nude lip pencil and lined right outside my natural lip line and then went over that with the color. Also, I popped a
little bit of a shimmer nude gloss at the center of my bottom lip and both tricks help give you a fuller pout!

You can find this great product in a bunch of amazing colors here