Want to change your body? Then you have to push yourself! After you have been working out for awhile, if you don’t switch it up, your body can plateau.  This advanced workout is a great addition to throw in once a week to challenge yourself.  Simply complete 50 reps of these 10 exercises back-to-back, pushing yourself as hard as you can! Go through it two times if you can. If at any point your form starts lacking, lower the weight and/or slow down.

  1. Squats with Weights in Hands
  2. Wide Bicep Curls
  3. Push-Ups
  4. Plank Hip-to-Hip
  5. Burpees
  6. Tricep Kickbacks
  7. Forward lunges with a hammer curl
  8. Shoulder Press
  9. Deadlifts
  10. Mountain Climbers (50 each side, 100 total)

Super High Rep Training