I wanted to write a quick note to all of you addressing the incident that happened during the truck race on Friday night.  No, I was not going to comment on the situation Friday night in the midst of all the angry and harsh tweets, there was really no point.  I understand that Kyle’s actions were wrong and NASCAR has dealt with the issue appropriately.  I love my husband very much and will always be by his side through the good and the bad.  Life is not always easy but you deal with each day as it comes and we will move on from this the best that we can.

I also want to thank all of the nice people out there, and let you all know that we really appreciate your support and love through this difficult time.  I appreciate everything that you guys do as fans in this sport by coming out to the races, watching on TV and interacting with us via Facebook and Twitter.  Along with our family and friends, it has been your kind words and support that make a difficult time better and I sincerely Thank You.