Looking back at my quarantine workouts, I realize now just how great of an addition my TRX band was! When we first got the band, I was excited to use it but didn’t really know if I’d be getting that good of a workout since it’s based completely off of bodyweight. Much to my surprise, it gives you an INSANE workout — one that leaves your body feeling like Jell-O for DAYS!

Not familiar with TRX? Well, it’s a form of suspension training that leverages body weight and gravity to challenge literally every part fo your body — especially those abs — providing you with the perfect total-body (TRX actually stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise) strength training no matter what your fitness level is.

TRX is simple, versatile, and works you top to bottom through a variety of different moves, so at the end of the day, it feels like I spent less time working out but still get the same full-body results. I love that it not only works the big muscles but also those that stabilize the body. I find that doing a series of moves with the TRX really BURNS, so you know it’s really WORKING.

When we first got it, I spent a lot of time looking for TRX routines on YouTube, and BodyFit by Amy is one YouTuber that I take inspiration from ALL the time! As I mentioned, you don’t actually need to have any other equipment in order to use the TRX bands effectively. You can literally mount yours to a tree, the ceiling, the top of your door — anywhere that can hold your body weight and is 7 to 9 feet off the ground.

There are a few key moves that I move to utilize on the TRX bands. See below for the rundown!

TRX Plank 10-Count to Push Up

Slide your feet into the handles of the TRX band holding yourself up with your hands, elbows straight. Hold that position for a 10-count (this is your plank), then bend the elbows into a push-up. Come back up, and do that again.

TRX Lunge

Starting with a foot in the handle (you’ll do both sides, so just choose one for now), the other foot a step in front. Making sure that your knee doesn’t dip forward past the knee, lunge down. Come back up, and do it again. After you’ve done your desired reps, switch to the other side. Challenge yourself by doing ten regular reps and then adding ten jumps while you’re doing in the lunge position.

TRX Knee Tuck Crunch

Starting with both feet in the handles, holding yourself up with your arms, glide your knees forward, hovering over the ground, as close to your chest as you can get. You’ll definitely feel this one in the arms and core! Glide them back out so your legs are straight, and repeat that motion. After your regular set, do 30 seconds to alternating knees into your chest for a major burner.

TRX Lateral Lunge

Standing straight up facing the side, slide one foot into the handle of your band. With that foot hovering over the ground, squat down on the other foot making sure that your knee doesn’t go forward past your foot. Come back up, and repeat that motion, then swap to the other side. For the ultimate challenge, do a regular set then add a major burner to the end by pulsing low in the lunge for 15 seconds.

TRX Push Up

Starting at a 45-degree angle with both hands on the handles and your elbows straight, come down towards the ground while bending your elbows outwards until they are level with your back. Use your strength to pull those handles back out straight in front of you, then repeat that motion.


To strengthen your arms and back, the TRX Fly is a great move. Start off with your body at a 45-degree angle, hands in your handles, palms facing each other. As you lower your body closer to the ground, bend your elbows to be level with your back making sure that your palms are still facing one another. Come back to your starting position, and repeat this move.