Race cars made completely of vegetables… What a better way to get your kiddos to eat their veggies!? This super easy and fun recipe will keep your little ones entertained and excited about getting those greens in. Brexton and I loved this and I think your family will too! They also look super cute sitting out for a race day snack.  



What you’ll need: 

Mini Cucumbers (cars) 

Cherry Tomatoes (wheels) 

Olives (steering wheel) 

Teddy Grahams (driver) 

Celery (stop light) 

Red, Yellow, Green peppers (stop light) 

Cream cheese  

Hidden Valley Ranch powder 




First, you will want to mix 8oz of cream cheese with half of your hidden valley ranch packet. This is going to be the ‘glue’ that sticks all of the veggies together. Next, hollow out a rectangle in the top/front of the mini cucumber.  This is where the driver and steering wheel will go. Once the rectangle is cut out, fill it with the ranch/cream cheese filling. Then, have the little ones choose their driver (teddy graham) and steering wheel (olive) and place them in the ranch filled rectangle. To wrap up the car itself, grab four cherry tomatoes and put the wheels on! Use the ranch filling to stick them together.  


Stop light:  

Cut out little circles from the red, yellow and green peppers. These will be the stop lights. Make sure they are small enough to fit inside the celery sticks! After you have cut out your stop lights, cut your celery sticks about 4-5 inches long and fill the insides with your ranch filling. Then, place the red, yellow and green circles inside to resemble a stop light.  

Optional, but a fun touch- once finished, have your kids choose who is driving all the cars! Brexton loved this and ate his dad’s car first 😉 Hope you all like this fun recipe and please send me photos you recreating this! I cant wait to see!