As I’m sure you know, Kyle and I have been on a journey to have our second child since mid-2018. To give you a quick update both sets of doctors we saw believe it is has something to do with embryo quality versus something with my body as previously thought. Given two genetically tested embryos have not even taken in two different uteruses that both have had babies before. With that all being said we will begin in January with our fifth round of IVF, this time starting all the way back from square one. In preparation for our egg retrieval and then embryos I want to add a much more holistic approach to my already healthy lifestyle. Tomorrow I start with an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility and I’m incorporating even more healthy fats and superfoods into my diet. Another key component is adding more vitamins and supplements into our daily regimen. After going through infertility for almost a decade, I did a lot of research online and talked to my doctor and these are some of the supplements that I am trying for our next round.

Again, I am not a doctor- just someone who has stayed up many nights researching on the internet. I have never tried these supplements before during an IVF cycle, but I figured they can’t hurt, so here’s to trying!

Pure Synergy Multivitamin: This is a certified organic whole food multivitamin, great for every day use even if you aren’t going through IVF. They increase energy, balance hormones, increase heart health, immune protection and a lot of other great benefits. 

Ancient Nutrition Ancient Omegas: They come from multiple sources and have all of the Omega-3s and fatty acids, Omega-6s, and other ingredients like oils from tuna, chia seed, lemon peel and black pepper- just to name a few! 

According to CCRM Fertility Clinic and IVF Clinic, essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation throughout the body (a possible cause of PCOS and other types of infertility) and promote overall health. DHA may help with the health of reproductive system, insulin levels, heart and brain. The best source of DHA is purified fish oil. Cod liver oil is too high in vitamin A & D and can be toxic.

Biotivia Bioquench Super Fruit Antioxidant Protection:  I haven’t started this one yet, but I am super excited to. It has super fruit extracts like pomegranate, apple skin, grape seed, and goji berry. Antioxidants can help eliminate extra free radicals in your body, which can negatively impact fertility for both men and women.

Ancient Nutrients Probiotic with Zinc: I have taken this probiotic for a number of years. They help with digestion and immunity, but now they have included zinc in this supplement! Zinc has been shown to help with PCOS and I love that it is a 2-in-1 supplement! 

OvaHealth Açaí Supplement: This is a medical-grade and doctor-prescribed açaí supplement. I would recommend talking to your doctor, or you can look for a whole food, organic over the counter supplement. Studies have found that high doses of açaí berry can improve IVF outcomes, but this supplement should be taken under supervision of a medical doctor. 

Pure Encapsulations L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amnio acid that helps circulate blood flow and helps with cell division, immune function, and release of hormones. It is shown to increase fertility in women who had previously failed IVF procedures.

Wholesome Story Myo-Inositol: I’ve read this is really good for PCOS and hormonal balance and ovarian function. Multiple studies show that taking this supplement can result in a significantly improved clinical pregnancy rate for infertility patients by improving the way the body uses insulin.

Belimen: Infertility problems aren’t just all about the woman- it’s about the men too! Belimen does a great job with taking all of the vitamins and supplements needed and wraps them up into one pill, which is very convenient for him. It has everything from Vitamin C, D, E, B6, B12, Zinc, and more to help increase sperm quality and count!

Pill Container: Invest in a daily pill container! They are super easy and help you stay on track with all your supplements. I keep one for supplements and I will have another for when I start my IVF cycle of medications. This is the one I use.

I got a lot of really great information from CCRM and their blog post “The Best Vitamins to Boost Fertility.” Again, this was all of my own research along with some guidance from my doctor. If you want to start incorporating any of these supplements into your IVF journey, please consult a medical professional.