Who doesn’t love long, luxurious, REAL lashes? I know I do! I have tried using eyelash extensions in the past and although they were pretty they took were a lot of upkeep and I didn’t have the patience to sit there that long! Now I have my own gorgeous lashes and it’s as easy as a few swipes! Literally I’ve gone to go get my lashes professionally curled they are so long! 

There are four products that I use daily all from Babe Lash!

The first product I use is the enhancing conditioner, this is what I wear in the morning under my eyeliner. Make sure you give it a few minutes to dry before you put on the rest of your makeup! 

For night time, I wear the essential serum. It helps to extend the growth cycle of your lashes so they get really long. Mine hardly ever fall out when using this product! 

For my brows there are two products. The first is a serum which is helping my naturally thin brows have some hope at life. Hey, maybe one day I won’t have to do micro blading. I’ve been using this serum for about two months and have noticed some results but I’ll update you on month 4-6 that’s when with consistent use I noticed my lashes really kick in.

Then I use the volumizing brow filler! It is super easy, the fibers in the product help your brows to look much fuller but with a natural look! Make sure you brush up on your brows when applying. It is great for a summer pool day where you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup, but want to have full brows! 

I also use the volumizing mascara– I put a few coats of that on and my eyelashes look so thick and long without looking clumpy! It definitely helps to fan out your lashes.

Those products have completely changed my eyelash game! You can get yours today and get 20% off if you use my discount code SAMANTHA20